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Shared Journeys Brain Injury Foundation (SJBIF) was organized in March 2007 as a grass roots group of caring Fort Collins residents that are dedicated to helping survivors of brain injury by promoting awareness and providing affordable programs that will help them to reclaim their lives. SJBIF received its 501(c) (3) charitable organization determination from the IRS in October 2007, allowing a tax deduction for all donations.


Current Programs:

Choices, Consequences & Miracles is a Community Outreach Program presented to Middle School, High School and College age students, as well as, business groups regarding the consequences of drinking and driving.

 Commit TO BE FIT: Shared Journeys sponsors qualified candidates who become members of the ProActive Physical Therapy and Supervised Exercise facility (located in Fort Collins).  The ProActive staff implements a fitness program for the participant based on their physical ability. 

The program takes place at the ProActive premises for 30 – 60 minutes twice per week.

The program is located at ProActive Physical Therapy located at 2108 Midpoint Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525. 

 Planned Programs:

SJBIF was formed to address the need for additional programs in the Northern,Coloradocommunity for brain injury survivors that are about to, or have completed an out-patient rehabilitation program.  Specifically, SJBIF will support the following programs:

Shared Journeys Advocacy Program provides funds designated to assist brain injury survivors and family members establish a plan for a continuum of care upon transition from out-patient rehabilitation after a life changing injury or incident. The emphasis is on providing services to help navigate and connect with area resources and support networks.

 The Shared Journeys Center

The Day Treatment Program will be a fully supervised Day Treatment Program available to persons with moderate to severe brain injury. Candidates for admission will be referrals from out-patient rehabilitation facilities or other agencies.  An application and interview process will determine if the candidate will benefit from the program. Once the candidate is accepted into the program, a personal treatment plan that includes treatment plan goals and objectives emphasizing the restoration of functional, cognitive, social, vocational, emotional, and behavioral skills training will be developed.

The Supported Living Program will be a transitional living residence located in the Northern Colorado community were residents are encouraged to maintain an independent lifestyle with support and supervision being provided by specially trained staff, supervised by licensed therapy professionals with experience in brain injury rehab.


The programs will be implemented in phases, with Phase l – Pilot Project Day Treatment Program having been completed at the end of April 2009 and extended from October 2009 to December 2009.

Phase Il – Shared Journeys Center Day Treatment Program
Program hours will be from 9:00AM to 3:00PM, Monday through Friday.  TheSharedJourneysCenter will be in a location TBD when funding permits.

To ensure quality service we will provide one staff member for every two to three participants and will make provision for one on one when the treatment plan requires that level of contact.
In addition to employed staff and contracted services, SJC has established a relationship withColoradoStateUniversity and will recruit qualified students and interns to assist the staff with implementing participant’s personal treatment plans.

Personal-treatment plans will include:

  • personal care
  • meal preparation
  • money management
  • community navigation
  • socialization
  • vocational assistance
  • household management
  • resource coordination
  • problem solving skill development
  • physical fitness/therapy program
  • psychological/behavioral adjustment

Payment for Services:
The purpose of creating this organization is to provide affordable, quality, services so that anyone accepted to the SJC programs will be able to receive services.  Fees will be based on a candidate’s ability to pay relating to an established sliding fee scale.

Educational Seminars and Support Group Meetings:
Day Center facility will be used to conduct evening educational seminars with guest speakers for brain injury survivors, their families and other interested parties. 
The Center will also facilitate support group meetings for survivors of brain injury and their family and friends. 

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