Journey On Newsletter Volume 7 – Holiday 2010

Looking forward to a Bright Future!

December 2010 – Last December we had to discontinue the Day Program for lack of funding. In January our Board of Directors agreed that we needed to step back and re-group. For the entire year of 2010, we decided to continue our fundraising and invest in a plan for sustainable success.

We are working with A-Train Marketing and Communications to develop a Community Outreach and Awareness Campaign plan. A-Train has worked with many non-profits in Northern Colorado and knows the workings of the non-profit world.

We have always known where we want to go with Shared Journeys and now we have a better idea of how to get there!

We have some exciting things planned for 2011 so “stay tuned”!

For now I want to thank everyone for your continued support and wish you all a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


Journey On!
– Debbie

See the full text of the Journey On! newsletter here (Vol 7 – Holiday 2010)

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