Journey On! Newsletter – Volume 1 – Fall 2008

Shared Journeys Pilot Project Day Treatment Program to begin November 17th!

It’s often said that when starting a new venture you can expect it to take twice as long to develop and cost twice as much as you’ve budgeted. In our case, at least the first part is proving true.

We had hoped to start our Pilot Program in September but development has taken a little longer than anticipated because we know how important it is for the program to be top quality.

We now have our staff in place and recruited the program volunteers who will receive training this week. After an application process we have interviewed participants and are developing personal treatment plans based on individual goals.

Our Program Director is Laura Jensen. Laura is a Certified Music Therapist and is currently on staff at the Center for Neurorehabilitation Services (CNS). Laura is working closely with Lesley Murray who is our Program Development Coordinator. Lesley is a Certified Occupational Therapist and is also currently on staff at CNS.

They have put together a dynamic program and a committed group of volunteers. Our participants will have the benefit of a small group environment as well as one on one attention from our staff.

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